Adapted export regulations at Elst, Zuidlaren and Hedel horse markets

A new European Animal Health Law came into force in April 2021, affecting export policies at horse markets taking place in Elst on 5 September, Zuidlaren on 17 October and Hedel on 7 November.
One aim of this regulation is to control the spread of any equine diseases by tracking animal movements.

How are horse markets affected?
In consultation with the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), the following changes apply:

1. No direct market exports
Through 2019, it was possible to certify animals bought or destined for export to foreign countries at a market and then transport them to their new home immediately. To this end, our organisation held a one-day permit issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Due to the new law, this permit is no longer available. Going forward, animals must be moved from the market to a holding and kept there for 48 hours before they may be exported in the usual manner. For example, a buyer and seller may agree to keep an animal at the seller’s home or premises.

2. No direct foreign market imports
Animals from abroad may not be transported directly to market. Instead, they must first be kept at a holding in the Netherlands for at least 48 hours and be accompanied by the correct documents.

3. Holding register during markets
Horse market organisers are required to maintain a holding register that records all animal movements on and off the holding. In other words, ‘Where are the horses from and where are they going?’ The NVWA must be provided with this register afterwards on request. The on-movements register records an animal’s establishment of origin and chip number. The off-movements register records the chip number and destination. The traders themselves are responsible for ensuring this data is supplied and entered correctly. The organisation will record chip numbers for incoming animals by means of a chip scanner.

4. Every market must have a unique UBN number

More information
A description with more detailed instructions is provided with the downloadable forms that are
available on each horse market’s website.
The Elst, Zuidlaren and Hedel horse markets will implement and evaluate the new rules consistently
and in consultation with CeBoPa, the Dutch central federation for horse traders.

Form to fill in PART 1 (PDF 252 KB)

Form to fill in PART 2 (PDF 42 KB)


Example of form PART 1